In the 1950’s Robert Mouzillat, an early pioneer of 3D photography, together with his father, invented a 3D camera and created an extensive collection of photographs and film.

Robert’s main interest and purpose was to continue concentrating on developing the camera to integrate it with modern technology.

On Robert’s death in 2010 Elizabeth became entitled to the copyright of the entire Collection which includes the copyright to the Tintin artwork original drawings and Tintin 3D images.

Since then Elizabeth has with the help of a professional archivist, been researching and cataloguing the Collection. The whole has now been fully catalogued and indexed, using Adlib software system, so that it is now available for archival purposes and has been shown to be used in digital display applications on 3D televisions, monitors and projectors. There have been successful tests, establishing that the images are suitable for multiple applications and enlargement for exhibition and publication.

There is a wide range of media in the Collection, including 3D photographs and film, Tintin original drawings. Also in the Collection are original “talking books” published by Robert Mouzillat’s company Le Livre Universel.

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01 / Until 1983 RoMo were sold in a card mounted form, each with a left eye / right eye image, together with a hand-held viewer.

02 / A special viewer was created for children to use in conjunction with educational images. It was displayed in this form in retail outlets.

03 / Since the 1950's the images have been stored in acid free sleeves in light-proof conditions. Consequently they have retained their superb colour quality and definition.